La Sierra University Password Change Service
Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service do?

This service will allow you to change your password from the current (or default) password to a new password choosen by you. First time users or any person who has gotten their password reset must first change from their default password to a new password. This is to insure the security of your account. Remember you must change your password periodically!

Which passwords get changed?

This service changes your password for your LDAP, Samba, AD, and Google Apps accounts. It does NOT change your PIN for logging into self-service.

What do I need to do after using this service?

This service does NOT change the password for any mail client services you might use, such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Mac Mail, or Iphone! You have to change the settings in your mail client to update the password to the new password that you have created using this service.

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