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Adult Resolutions & Mediation Services (ARMS)

Adult Resolutions & Mediation Services (ARMS) is an innovative project which addresses the specific decision making needs of older adults and their families to improve quality of life and care choices. Recognizing the unique issues, transitions, and potential for complex shared-decision making among family members, ARMS provides professional advanced training and workshops to promote the use of conflict resolution, conflict management and mediation throughout communities and workplaces.

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Elder Family Mediation

Elder Family Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which participants with concerns or disagreements, with the assistance of a neutral third party, can clarify the issues, discover realistic options and consider alternatives to achieve mutually satisfying outcomes. The goal of Elder Family Mediation is to give participants the opportunity to better understand each other’s perspectives, needs and preferences through effective communication, negotiation and decision-making. Participants can often restore and preserve their relationships, reduce stress and make decisions they can live with. Further, the parties in an Elder Family Mediation may choose to include multi-disciplinary expertise to support their informed decision making process which can include attorneys, professional geriatric care managers and healthcare providers. 

What types of situations can be mediated?

Mediation can be effective in situations involving decisions about conservatorship, financial power of attorney, caregiving responsibilities for a vulnerable family member,  preferred agent for health care decisions and directives, planning distribution of assets, medical treatment, planning ahead for shared decision making that focuses on needs, choices and preferences, living arrangements, driving, relationship dynamics, and other changing needs are all types of situations that can be mediated.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that we are planning to offer training in basic and advanced mediation this coming fall. For more information contact conflictresolutioncenter@lasierra.edu





SCMA Fall Conference

Looking for more opportunities to sharpen your mediation skills? The Southern California Mediation Association is holding their 24th Annual Fall Conference this November Learn more by clicking here.

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