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Fall 2013 - Biology Colloquium Series

Cossentine Hall

Room 100

11:00 A.M.


Oct. 8,2013

Andrew A. Farke, Ph.D.


Augustin Family Curator of Paleontology
Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

Growing up Parasaurolophus: Ontogeny and Heterochrony in the Tube-Crested Dinosaur

Dr. Nate Sutter


Associate Professor of Biology at La Sierra University

Genetics Research: A Student's Point of View

Dr. Pekka Maattanen


Postdoctoral Fellow
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization

International Vaccine Center (VIDO-InterVac)

University of Saskatchewan


Dissecting The Interactions of Endoplasmic Reticulum Protein Folding Machineries

Dr. Gregory Pauly


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Mating Signal Evolution and Sexual Selection in the Western Toad Species Group
Dec. 3,2013

Dr. Maria de Bellard


Cal State Northridge

Evolution of the Neural Crest Among Vertebrates
Feb 18,2014

Dr. Arturo Diaz

Salk Institute for Biological

Role of Celular hosts in the Formation and maintanance of the replication compartments of a positive-strandRNA virus.
Feb 25,2014

Jesse Grismer

University of Kansas
Ph. D. Candidate

Where did all these apecies came from? A Radiation of Fijian scincid lizards.
Mar 4, 2014

Dr. Lai Sum Leoh

Division of Suergical
Oncology, UCLA

Targeting cancer cells using novel antibody-based therapeutics.
Mar 11,2014 Dr. Peter Naris, UCLA High-end audio: Neuroethology of ultrasonic communication in amphibians.
May13,2014 Dr. Nate Sutter, La Sierra University Gig rabbits, little rabbits: just like dogs and horses?
May20,2014 Dr. Sean M. Wilson, Loma Linda University Influence of high altitude living on pulmonary arterial vasodilationin fetal and newborn sheep.
May27,2014 Dr. Salvador Soriano, Loma Linda University TBA




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